Security challenges are continually evolving. The range of intentional, accidental, and natural threats continues to grow, making the ability to quickly identify and respond to emergent events more crucial. The challenge is made more difficult when the most relevant data associated with the situation is buried under a flood of information being presented to the user. Without the ability to surface the right information, decision makers are unable to gain real-time, accurate understanding of the situation at hand. Mariner’s CommandBridge™ suite of products are designed to solve these challenges and more.

Mariner’s field-proven CommandBridge platform uses advanced software technology to assimilate sensor feeds, cut through security-information clutter, and provide relevant and actionable information to stakeholders across the region. A high performance system utilizing secure role-based access, CommandBridge provides users with a highly flexible, secure, and configurable solution to situational awareness and incident response. The software platform architecture allows CommandBridge to ingest and display virtually any sensor feed—such as AIS, cameras, radar, sonar, access control and alarm systems—while its web based design allows users, command center personnel, intelligence analysts, and others to quickly interpret information, collaborate, and make actionable recommendations rather than merely collecting and presenting data. CommandBridge also leverages the power of social media to build a more detailed and relevant common operating picture and permits situation collaboration with on-the-scene users.

Mariner’s staff of subject matter experts have firsthand experience in the daily operations and
management of maritime security. This insight, combined with our standards-based open systems architecture, allows Mariner to rapidly deploy CommandBridge with extensive out-of-the-box capabilities, making it possible to establish true and effective situational awareness quickly.

Situation Management
CommandBridge™ provides the ultimate tool for collaborative situation management through its Situation Board application. Select the information layers you need to understand an event as it unfolds. Through the exclusive Situation Board tool, users can easily adapt to the ever-changing nature of both planned operations and emergent events. With a single click, you can instantly log activities, attach documents and photos, load checklists, and assign tasks to resources to keep everyone up to speed.


The CommandPost™ iPad app lets mobile users share their position and post messages directly into CommandBridge. Using CommandPost and a WiFi or 4G connection, responders can view all the same Tracks, Alerts, Zones and Situations available to full CommandBridge users. CommandPost brings the command center right down to the fingertips of field personnel and helps them locate any Blue Force elements nearby.


Manage security systems through a single user interface. Based on 12 years of intense software design emphasizing user experience (UX), CommandBridge’s simplified, intuitive display offers both superior functionality and ease of use at a UX level that remains unmatched. Analyze information both spatially and temporally—view the sequence of events leading up to the present, and display upcoming arrivals, departures, and other scheduled information, while tying together all the relevant information in the port, waterways, and across the region.


24/7 Automated Anomaly Detection and Response
User-defined zones and preset watch rules act as a force multiplier, allowing ports and harbors to monitor activity in areas of interest 24/7 and reduce the load on personnel. When anomalous behavior is detected, CommandBridge will alert predetermined users and prompt the appropriate response based on the port’s standard operating procedures (SOPs).


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