Maritime Domain Awareness For The Star-Spangled Sailabration

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The Star-Spangled Sailabration, expected to draw 1,000,000 visitors, was held in the historic Baltimore Harbor June 13 – 19, 2012.

Using one 80 megapixel WAVcam®, The CommandBridge™ Regional Domain Awareness application offered safety and security personnel an unprecedented view of a 25+ square mile area of the harbor from north of Ft McHenry, west to the Hanover Street Bridge and southeast past the Francis Scott Key Bridge. With blue force tracking and the ability to correlate the video, AIS and radar tracks, first responders could see every boat in the harbor and knew its bearing and distance from the nearest fire boat or rescue vessel.

LT Scott Brillman said, “While commanding one of the largest maritime events in Baltimore’s history and with thousands of boaters, military grey hulls, and tall ships in Baltimore’s inner harbor, CommandBridge, a component of the Maritime Law Enforcement Information Network (MLEIN), coupled with the WAVcam imagery, gave us the technology to gain enhanced situational awareness, quickly identify vessels in distress, and provided strategic data to help Baltimore’s command team and first responders facilitate quick, coordinated and controlled emergency response.” LT Brillman is the Director of Finance, Public Information and Communications for the City of Baltimore Mayor’s Office of Emergency Management.

“ISA is proud to have provided WAVcam’s visual situation awareness technology for the Maritime Law Enforcement Information Network during Maryland’s Star-Spangled Sailabration. We were honored by the invitation to work with The Mariner Group and add WAVcam’s unique wide-area, high-resolution video to their CommandBridge capabilities for this important event,” commented Stacy Kniffen, President of Innovative Signal Analysis, Inc.

Steve Dryden, CEO of The Mariner Group, said “We are pleased to be an integral part of MLEIN and to be a part of Governor Martin O’Malley’s effort to promote interoperability among public safety agencies involved in such high profile events. This event allowed us to showcase our CommandBridge product capabilities alongside the WAVcam technology. Participating in a meaningful way in the Star-Spangled Sailabration event was more than a project; it was an honor.”

ISA’s newest commercial product, the WAVcam, is a long-range video surveillance solution for homeland security applications and other situations that require persistent visual-domain awareness of very wide areas.

The Mariner Group is a highly performing innovator of advanced situation awareness (SA) technologies and services. The Mariner Group’s mission is to enhance security through applying expertise, products, and services to the protection of assets, property and personnel. Mariner is committed to making commercial enterprises, government agencies, supply chains, and nations more able to avoid threats to their safety and security while making them better prepared to respond when emergency situations occur. See more at

Ray Hollida
Innovative Signal Analysis

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